To Seek Save and Disciple the Lost

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Womens Brunch: Celebrating A Beautiful Life For Every Woman

The Women of New Song cordially invite all women to join us for brunch Celebrating A Beautiful Life for Every Woman and Especially Honoring Mothers. Come and enjoy this fun-filled and spiritually inspiring event especially designed to provide women with an opportunity to connect and share with the women who are and have been inspirational in […]

Our Beginning

A SMALL CHURCH – 28 people in fact – WAS BORN SOMEWHAT RELUCTANTLY on June 10th 1977. Pastor Richard Probasco and others could no longer support, in good conscience, the doctrinal direction of the former New Covenant Fellowship (a now defunct congregation). As a result of our decision, Pastor Richard was asked to leave with […]

What We Believe

THE BIBLE: We believe the Bible, the commonly recognized sixty-six books of the Old and New Testament, is God’s unique and authoritative revelation of truth to mankind. We believe every word of the Bible as originally written is inerrant and fully inspired by God. We believe that the Bible is true & reliable in all […]

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Here are some examples of how this theme styles different elements. Styled Text This sentence demonstrates linked text plus bold text and italic text. Here is some subscript: H2O and superscript: E = MC2. Heading One Heading Two Heading Three Heading Four Heading Five Heading Six Blockquote For by grace you have been saved through faith. And […]